Faith-based Colleges

Faith-based colleges are often private four-years educational institutions that offer many religious courses for students who want to grow their faith and understanding of religion.

Faith-based Colleges Key Statistics

Number of Schools
267 Faith-based Colleges 0 Public Schools 267 Private Schools
Undergraduate Tuition & fees
Graduate Tuition & fees
77.36% Acceptance Rate 75.97% Yield 1,065 SAT Score 8 Programs Offered
333 Students in Average 13 Faculties 40 Staffs 11 Students per Faculty
45.14% Graduation Rate 40.89% Transfer-out Rate 74.32% Retention Rate

Admission Stats Comparison by Faith-based Colleges Rankings

The key admission statistics such as acceptance rate and SAT scores depend on college ranking. Compare the statistics with tuition & fees in the table below and figure out your chance to admit. The ranking data is provided by CollegeEvaluator.

Ranking#1 - #10#11 - #30#31 - #50#51 - #100#101 - #200
Undergraduate Tuition
Graduate Tuition
Acceptance Rate85.78%80.44%72.13%75.55%73.81%
SAT Score1,0981,1069971,0200
Graduation Rate56.67%52.24%41.87%50.57%38.15%
Student Population454255417590319
Students per a Faculty10 to 18 to 19 to 113 to 111 to 1
  • All
  • Top 50
  • Private
  • Public
Hebrew College - Newton Centre, MA
Hebrew College Newton Centre, MA
BMA Seminary - Jacksonville, TX
BMA Seminary Jacksonville, TX
MCC - Manhattan, KS
MCC Manhattan, KS
BCF - Graceville, FL
BCF Graceville, FL
PTS - Princeton, NJ
PTS Princeton, NJ
Shiloh University - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Shiloh University Rancho Cucamonga, CA
OHCC - Bemidji, MN
OHCC Bemidji, MN
SBTS - Louisville, KY
SBTS Louisville, KY
MBTS - Kansas City, MO
MBTS Kansas City, MO
JUFL - Kissimmee, FL
JUFL Kissimmee, FL
BTS - Philadelphia, PA
BTS Philadelphia, PA
MBC - Portland, OR
MBC Portland, OR
HTC - Skokie, IL
HTC Skokie, IL
CCBBC - Pineville, KY
CCBBC Pineville, KY
KMBC - Jackson, KY
KMBC Jackson, KY
VBC - Lawrenceburg, IN
VBC Lawrenceburg, IN
TSBC - South Point, OH
TSBC South Point, OH
BHU - Atlanta, GA
BHU Atlanta, GA
CDU - Charles Town, WV
CDU Charles Town, WV
NOBTS - New Orleans, LA
NOBTS New Orleans, LA
ETS - Detroit, MI
ETS Detroit, MI
RRC - Wyncote, PA
RRC Wyncote, PA
AMBS - Elkhart, IN
AMBS Elkhart, IN
LSTC - Chicago, IL
LSTC Chicago, IL
CTU - Chicago, IL
CTU Chicago, IL
CTS - Saint Louis, MO
CTS Saint Louis, MO
CDSP - Berkeley, CA
CDSP Berkeley, CA
MTSO - Delaware, OH
MTSO Delaware, OH
GTS - New York, NY
GTS New York, NY
SHSST - Franklin, WI
SHSST Franklin, WI
FST - San Diego, CA
FST San Diego, CA
ABSW - Berkeley, CA
ABSW Berkeley, CA
DSPT - Berkeley, CA
DSPT Berkeley, CA
NYTS - New York, NY
NYTS New York, NY
ABU - Arlington, TX
ABU Arlington, TX
DHS - Washington, DC
DHS Washington, DC
GTU - Berkeley, CA
GTU Berkeley, CA
SBSTM - Rochester, NY
SBSTM Rochester, NY
Oblate - San Antonio, TX
Oblate San Antonio, TX
ETS - Myerstown, PA
ETS Myerstown, PA
AIT - Saint Louis, MO
AIT Saint Louis, MO
BCS - Pittsburgh, PA
BCS Pittsburgh, PA
BGU - Dallas, TX
BGU Dallas, TX
UTS - New York, NY
UTS New York, NY
WCC - Franklin, TN
WCC Franklin, TN