Church Divinity School of the Pacific

Private, Four-years School Located in Berkeley, CA

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How much is the CDSP tuition? For the academic year 2022-2023, CDSP's tuition & fees is $16,800 based on the NCES data.

CDSP Tuition & Expenses

2022-2023 Rate
Tuition & Fees$16,800

Average Tuition By School Type and Comparison

Compared to four-years schools nationwide, CDSP' tuition is slightly lower than the average tuition of $20,449. Compared to private, four-years colleges in California, its tuition is lower than the average tuition of $22,481.
Church Divinity School of the Pacific$16,800
U.S. Four-years Colleges$18,259
Public Schools$7,023$12,740
Private Schools$20,449
California Four-years Colleges$20,202
Public Schools$3,888$12,488
Private Schools$22,481

Compare Similar School's Tuition

The next table compares the tuition & fees between CDSP and similar schools. The similar colleges are selected by school type & level (private, four-years), ranking, and comparison frequency by our users. The comparison is based on 2022-2023 tuition rate.
Church Divinity School of the PacificBerkeley, CA$16,800$17,660
Berkeley School of TheologyBerkeley, CA$2,856$19,276
California Christian CollegeFresno, CA$10,890-
Franciscan School of TheologySan Diego, CA$14,976$15,226
Fuller Theological SeminaryPasadena, CA$22,560$22,980
Graduate Theological UnionBerkeley, CA$22,817$22,817
Pacific School of ReligionBerkeley, CA$16,605$17,175
Shasta Bible College and Graduate SchoolRedding, CA$14,460$8,510
Starr King School for the MinistryOakland, CA$26,250$26,290
Claremont School of TheologyClaremont, CA$26,520$26,520
Westminster Theological Seminary in CaliforniaEscondido, CA$15,600$15,800

Student Population

Church Divinity School of the Pacific has a total of 64 students (all graduate). By gender, there are 27 male students and 37 female students attending CDSP. The school offers online degree programs and 8 students enrolled online exclusively (12.50% of all students).
Graduate64 2737

Directory & Academic Information

Directory Information
Address2451 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA
Degree & Programs
Program Offered4 Programs
Graduate Program Offered2 Graduate Programs
Academic Stats
Student Population64
Faculty & Staffs
Number of Faculties6 (Full-time), 18 (Part-time)
Number of Staffs19 (Full-time), 32 (Part-time)
Average Faculty Salary$82,500
Average Staff Salary$71,176