San Joaquin College of Law

Private, Four-years School Located in Clovis, CA

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The tuition information at San Joaquin College of Law is not reported to IPEDS.

Average Tuition By School Type and Comparison

The following table shows the average tuition for schools in similar category to San Joaquin College of Law. Based on the rate, you can estimate the tuition at San Joaquin College of Law.
San Joaquin College of Law-
U.S. Four-years Colleges$18,672
Public Schools$7,199$12,960
Private Schools$20,937
California Four-years Colleges$20,867
Public Schools$4,034$13,259
Private Schools$23,111

Compare Similar School's Tuition

The next table compares the tuition & fees between San Joaquin College of Law and similar schools. The similar colleges are selected by school type & level (private, four-years), ranking, and comparison frequency by our users. The comparison is based on 2022-2023 tuition rate.
LocationTuition & Fees
San Joaquin College of LawClovis, CA-
University of California-Hastings College of LawSan Francisco, CA-
California Western School of LawSan Diego, CA$32,400
Trinity Law SchoolSanta Ana, CA$13,500
Southwestern Law SchoolLos Angeles, CA$19,460
The Colleges of Law at VenturaVentura, CA-
Thomas Jefferson School of LawSan Diego, CA$1,200
The Colleges of Law at Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, CA-
University of West Los AngelesInglewood, CA$7,795
Abraham Lincoln UniversityGlendale, CA$10,440

Student Population

San Joaquin College of Law has a total of 145 students (all graduate). By gender, there are 57 male students and 104 female students attending San Joaquin College of Law. The school offers online degree programs and 2 students enrolled online exclusively (1.38% of all students).
Graduate161 57104

Directory & Academic Information

Directory Information
Address901 Fifth St, Clovis, CA
Degree & Programs
Program Offered1 Programs
Graduate Program Offered1 Graduate Programs
Academic Stats
Student Population145
Faculty & Staffs
Number of Faculties5 (Full-time), 28 (Part-time)
Number of Staffs32 (Full-time), 31 (Part-time)
Average Faculty Salary$89,401
Average Staff Salary$73,255