Paris Beauty College

Private, Less Than 2-years School Located in Concord, CA

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The tuition information at Paris Beauty College is not reported to IPEDS.

Average Tuition By School Type and Comparison

The following table shows the average tuition for schools in similar category to Paris Beauty. Based on the rate, you can estimate the tuition at Paris Beauty.
Paris Beauty College-
U.S. Less Than 2-years Colleges$18,672
Public Schools$7,199$12,960
Private Schools$20,937
California Less Than 2-years Colleges$20,867
Public Schools$4,034$13,259
Private Schools$23,111

Directory & Academic Information

Directory Information
Address1655 Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA
Degree & Programs
Academic Stats
Retention Rate88% (Full-time), 84% (Part-time)
Students to Faculty Ratio Rate25 to 1
Faculty & Staffs