Pacific Oaks College

Private, Four-years School Located in Pasadena, CA

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How much is the Pacific Oaks tuition? For the academic year 2023-2024, Pacific Oaks's tuition & fees is $33,360.
With indirect costs not billed by school, such as room & boards and personal living expenses, the total cost of attendance for one academic year is $62,492 when a student lives off-campus.

Pacific Oaks Tuition & Expenses

2022-2023 Rate
Tuition & Fees$33,360
Books & Supplies Costs$2,028
Off-campus Room & Board$18,536
Off-campus Expenses$8,568
2023-2024 Estimates
Tuition & Fees$95,184

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Pacific Oaks for 4 Years?

For the class of 2027, who entering colleges in 2023, the 4 years tuition & fees is $3,352,581 at Pacific Oaks. The estimated tuition rate is based on the changes over last 5 years. With room & board, books, and other personal expenses, the estimated 4 years costs of attendance is -$nan. After receiving financial aid including grants, scholarships, and/or student loans, the 4 years COA is down to -$nan.
The following table computes the 4 years tuition and COA by class of year.
College YearTuition & FeesCOAAfter Financial Aid
Freshmen (2023-24)$95,184-$nan-$nan
Sophomore (2024-25)$271,582-$nan-$nan
Junior (2025-26)$774,886-$nan-$nan
Senior (2026-27)$2,210,930-$nan-$nan
4 Years Total$3,352,581-$nan-$nan
College YearTuition & FeesCOAAfter Financial Aid
Freshmen (2024-25)$271,582-$nan-$nan
Sophomore (2025-26)$774,886-$nan-$nan
Junior (2026-27)$2,210,930-$nan-$nan
Senior (2027-28)$6,308,298-$nan-$nan
4 Years Total$9,565,696-$nan-$nan
College YearTuition & FeesCOAAfter Financial Aid
Freshmen (2025-26)$774,886-$nan-$nan
Sophomore (2026-27)$2,210,930-$nan-$nan
Junior (2027-28)$6,308,298-$nan-$nan
Senior (2028-29)$17,999,045-$nan-$nan
4 Years Total$27,293,159-$nan-$nan
College YearTuition & FeesCOAAfter Financial Aid
Freshmen (2026-27)$2,210,930-$nan-$nan
Sophomore (2027-28)$6,308,298-$nan-$nan
Junior (2028-29)$17,999,045-$nan-$nan
Senior (2029-30)$51,355,468-$nan-$nan
4 Years Total$77,873,741-$nan-$nan
College YearTuition & FeesCOAAfter Financial Aid
Freshmen (2027-28)$6,308,298-$nan-$nan
Sophomore (2028-29)$17,999,045-$nan-$nan
Junior (2029-30)$51,355,468-$nan-$nan
Senior (2030-31)$146,529,114-$nan-$nan
4 Years Total$222,191,925-$nan-$nan

Average Tuition By School Type and Comparison

Compared to four-years schools nationwide, Pacific Oaks' tuition is higher than the average tuition of $20,937. Compared to private, four-years colleges in California, its tuition is higher than the average tuition of $23,111.
Pacific Oaks College$33,360
U.S. Four-years Colleges$18,672
Public Schools$7,199$12,960
Private Schools$20,937
California Four-years Colleges$20,867
Public Schools$4,034$13,259
Private Schools$23,111

Compare Similar School's Tuition

The next table compares the tuition & fees between Pacific Oaks and similar schools. The similar colleges are selected by school type & level (private, four-years), ranking, and comparison frequency by our users. The comparison is based on 2022-2023 tuition rate.
Pacific Oaks CollegePasadena, CA$33,360$22,000
California Institute of the ArtsValencia, CA$56,724$41,790
Dominican University of CaliforniaSan Rafael, CA$50,666$20,553
La Sierra UniversityRiverside, CA$35,910$15,997
Mills College at Northeastern UniversityOakland, CA$30,950$36,443
Notre Dame de Namur UniversityBelmont, CA$15,792$15,300
Hope International UniversityFullerton, CA$36,250$17,650
William Jessup UniversityRocklin, CA$37,150$13,440
Vanguard University of Southern CaliforniaCosta Mesa, CA$39,950$12,718
Los Angeles Pacific UniversitySan Dimas, CA$11,976$11,880
DeVry University-CaliforniaOntario, CA$17,488$17,552

Financial Aid and COA

At Pacific Oaks College, 423 students (88%) received grant or scholarship from the federal government, state or local government, the institution, and other sources. The average amount of grant/scholarship received is $3,052.
After receiving financial aid, the cost of attendance (COA) at Pacific Oaks is $59,440 for students living off-campus.
The financial aid data is based on 2021-2022 statistics from IPEDS.
COA (off-campus)$62,492
Tuition & Fees$33,360
Indirect Costs (off-campus)$29,132
COA (off-campus) after Receiving Aid$59,440
Average Financial Aid$3,052
Type of AidNumber Receiving AidPercent Receiving AidAverage Amount of Aid Received
Grant or Scholarship42388%$3,052
Pell Grants24551%$3,589
Federal Student Loan35374%$10,358

Admission Stats and Requirements to Apply

Pacific Oaks's acceptance rate is 13.04%. A total of 23 applicants applied to and 3 students were accepted. Of the admitted students, 1 enrolled finally, and the yield (i.e. enrollment rate) is 33.33%.
To apply to Pacific Oaks, 3 items are required - Secondary school GPA, Secondary school rank and Secondary school record.
Acceptance Rate13.04%0.00%13.64%
Yield (Enrollment Rate)33.33%-33.33%
Secondary school GPARequired
Secondary school rankRequired
Secondary school recordRequired
Completion of college-preparatory programConsidered But Not Required
RecommendationsConsidered But Not Required
Formal demonstration of competenciesNeither Required Nor Recommended
Admission test scoresNeither Required Nor Recommended
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)Considered But Not Required
Other Test (Wonderlic, WISC-III, etc.)Considered But Not Required

Student Population

Pacific Oaks College has a total of 1,068 students including 398 undergraduate and 670 graduate students. By gender, there are 134 male students and 1,041 female students attending Pacific Oaks. The school offers online degree programs and 713 students enrolled online exclusively (66.76% of all students).
Total1,175 1341,041
Undergraduate479 43436
Graduate696 91605

Directory & Academic Information

Directory Information
Address45 W Eureka Street, Pasadena, CA
Degree & Programs
DegreeUndergraduate, Graduate
Program Offered12 Programs
Online Program Offered3 Online Programs
Graduate Program Offered6 Graduate Programs
Academic Stats
Acceptance Rate39.68%
Student Population1,068
Students to Faculty Ratio Rate4 to 1
Faculty & Staffs
Number of Faculties25 (Full-time), 229 (Part-time)
Number of Staffs91 (Full-time), 232 (Part-time)
Average Faculty Salary$54,980
Average Staff Salary$71,094