Institute for Clinical Social Work

Private, Four-years School Located in Chicago, IL

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How much is the Institute for Clinical Social Work tuition? For the academic year 2022-2023, Institute for Clinical Social Work's tuition & fees is $25,988 based on the NCES data.

Institute for Clinical Social Work Tuition & Expenses

2022-2023 Rate
Tuition & Fees$25,988

Average Tuition By School Type and Comparison

Compared to four-years schools nationwide, Institute for Clinical Social Work' tuition is slightly higher than the average tuition of $20,449. Compared to private, four-years colleges in Illinois, its tuition is slightly higher than the average tuition of $21,215.
Institute for Clinical Social Work$25,988
U.S. Four-years Colleges$18,259
Public Schools$7,023$12,740
Private Schools$20,449
Illinois Four-years Colleges$19,513
Public Schools$10,439$13,542
Private Schools$21,215

Compare Similar School's Tuition

The next table compares the tuition & fees between Institute for Clinical Social Work and similar schools. The similar colleges are selected by school type & level (private, four-years), ranking, and comparison frequency by our users. The comparison is based on 2022-2023 tuition rate.
Institute for Clinical Social WorkChicago, IL$25,988$25,988
Adler UniversityChicago, IL$16,740$43,455
Blessing Rieman College of Nursing and Health SciencesQuincy, IL$29,180$27,830
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at ChicagoChicago, IL$13,224$24,894
Illinois College of OptometryChicago, IL--
Lakeview College of NursingDanville, IL$18,770-
Trinity College of Nursing & Health SciencesRock Island, IL$27,955$32,338
Methodist CollegePeoria, IL$18,008$15,762
National University of Health SciencesLombard, IL$21,588$26,732
Saint Francis Medical Center College of NursingPeoria, IL$23,225$9,076
St. John's College-Department of NursingSpringfield, IL$25,466$17,228

Student Population

Institute for Clinical Social Work has a total of 119 students (all graduate). By gender, there are 26 male students and 101 female students attending Institute for Clinical Social Work. The school offers online degree programs and 11 students enrolled online exclusively (9.24% of all students).
Graduate127 26101

Directory & Academic Information

Directory Information
Address1345 W Argyle Street, Chicago, IL
Degree & Programs
Program Offered2 Programs
Graduate Program Offered2 Graduate Programs
Academic Stats
Student Population119
Faculty & Staffs
Number of Staffs7 (Full-time), 61 (Part-time)
Average Staff Salary$110,454