Carrington College-Boise

Private, 2-4 Years School Located in Boise, ID

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How much is the Carrington College-Boise tuition? For the academic year 2023-2024, Carrington College-Boise's tuition & fees is $31,116.
With indirect costs not billed by school, such as room & boards and personal living expenses, the total cost of attendance for one academic year is $61,428 when a student lives off-campus.

Carrington College-Boise Tuition & Expenses

2022-2023 Rate
Tuition & Fees$31,116
Off-campus Room & Board$23,712
Off-campus Expenses$6,600
2023-2024 Estimates
Tuition & Fees$38,516

Average Tuition By School Type and Comparison

Compared to 2-4 years schools nationwide, Carrington College-Boise' tuition is higher than the average tuition of $20,937. Compared to private, 2-4 years colleges in Idaho, its tuition is much higher than the average tuition of $16,400.
Carrington College-Boise$31,116
U.S. 2-4 Years Colleges$18,672
Public Schools$7,199$12,960
Private Schools$20,937
Idaho 2-4 Years Colleges$16,495
Public Schools$6,449$16,910
Private Schools$16,400

Financial Aid and COA

At Carrington College-Boise, 397 students (54%) received grant or scholarship from the federal government, state or local government, the institution, and other sources. The average amount of grant/scholarship received is $3,148.
After receiving financial aid, the cost of attendance (COA) at Carrington College-Boise is $58,280 for students living off-campus.
For beginning students (i.e. first-time freshmen), 88 students received any type of financial aid including grants/scholarship and student loans. The average amount of grant/scholarship for the first-time students is $3,678 and the average amount of student loans is $7,688.
The financial aid data is based on 2021-2022 statistics from IPEDS.
COA (off-campus)$61,428
Tuition & Fees$31,116
Indirect Costs (off-campus)$30,312
COA (off-campus) after Receiving Aid$58,280
Average Financial Aid$3,148
Type of AidNumber Receiving AidPercent Receiving AidAverage Amount of Aid Received
Grant or Scholarship39754%$3,148
Pell Grants33946%$3,246
Federal Student Loan46163%$7,523
Type of AidNumber Receiving AidPercent Receiving AidAverage Amount of Aid Received
Any Financial Aid8895%-
Grants or Scholarships7783%$3,678
Federal Grants7783%$3,543
Pell Grants6873%$3,653
Other Federal Grants4144%$596
State/Local Grants22%$5,175
Institutional Grants0--
Student Loan Aid7480%$7,688
Federal Student Loans7480%$7,206
Other Student Loans44%$8,914

Student Population

Carrington College-Boise has a total of 403 students (all undergraduate). By gender, there are 69 male students and 420 female students attending Carrington College-Boise. The school offers online degree programs and 30 students enrolled online exclusively (7.44% of all students).
Undergraduate489 69420

Directory & Academic Information

Directory Information
Address1122 N. Liberty St., Boise, ID
Degree & Programs
Program Offered10 Programs
Online Program Offered1 Online Programs
Academic Stats
Student Population403
Graduation Rate62%
Retention Rate68%
Students to Faculty Ratio Rate13 to 1
Faculty & Staffs
Number of Faculties21 (Full-time), 18 (Part-time)
Number of Staffs42 (Full-time), 18 (Part-time)
Average Faculty Salary$53,312
Average Staff Salary$64,503